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Our Services

Defensive Security

Offensive Security

We offer technology products and services to ensure preparedness against advanced cyber attacks and meet regulatory compliance

Slovak Cybersecurity ActISO 27 001, NIS, GDPR, PCI DSS



Our Services

We will help you ensure strategic, operational and legaslative obligations to meet compliance and be prepared against modern cyber attacks.

GAP analysis and cyber threat analysis

The GAP analysis reflects the current state of the level and method of cyber security management. It is suitable for any organization that wants to determine the current state in a qualified manner.

Thanks to the GAP analysis, you can competently determine which requirements are met and which are not.

Part of the GAP analysis is also a risk analysis aimed at cyber security and compliance with ISO, NIST, etc.

Identified non-conformities are classified according to severity and logically arranged in the form of an action plan to eliminate the identified risks.

ISO 27001 cybersecurity audit

With a cyber security audit, we verify the fulfillment of obligations according to the Cybersecurity Act and assess the compliance of security measures in the company.

After the audit, our goal is to ensure the required level of cyber security and prevent cyber security incidents.

The cyber security audit primarily concerns operators of basic services: critical infrastructure, public administration, banking, industry, transport, energy.

The cyber security audit is performed by a certified auditor.

Cybersecurity training

One of the biggest risks of a successful cyber attack is the human factor.

That is why we provide cyber security training for NO-IT people, TOP management or information security workshops with selected employees.

Our workshop also includes training for employees increasing the cybersecurity awareness.

Implementation of security solutions for data management and analysis, monitoring of user behavior

Implementation of cyber security according to ISO, NIST and the requirements of Cybersecurity Act no. 69/2018 Coll. (Identify, protect, detect, response and recover)

Defensive Security

Cybersecurity incident analysis

Strategic analysis of cyber incidents, vulnerabilities and threats is the process of identifying:

1. What happened

2. Why and how it happened

3. What can be done to prevent it from happening again in the future

From the cyber incident analysis report, it is possible to determine the target of the cyber attack and the extent of the damage it caused.

Thanks to the analysis, you will understand not only why the attack happened, but you will be able to effectively solve the crisis situation if another attack/incident occurs in the future.

Securing Remote-Workforce Environment

Remote work has changed from where and how users access services and sensitive data. These changes have a significant impact on your security.

We will help you gain visibility into remote connections using real-time user behavior monitoring.

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

In the digital world, it is almost impossible to fix everything with limited resources (Patch management).

We direct you to critical – exploitable vulnerabilities through which an attacker could paralyze your business.

We set up processes and help you understand the real organizational risks. Together we will protect your most important assets.

Implementation and management of advanced solutions: NDR, UEBA, PAM, Deception system

Consultation, technical design, delivery, documentation, training, support and implementation of tools for:

1. Detection of attacker behavior and cyber incidents – NDR

2. Monitoring the behavior of users and entities in the network / cloud – UEBA

3. Password management, monitoring of privileged access and external suppliers – PAM

4. Autonomous system lures and attract the attacker’s attention – Cyber Deception

Offensive Security

Pentesting aplication and IT infrastructure

Thanks to our Certified Ethical Hackers, we help our clients with penetration tests before or after cyber security audits, or according to the specific needs of the client.

We can help with penetration tests:

1. The entire network infrastructure

2. Applications / web applications

Part of the pentest is an examination of your system, an analysis of the current situation, a report containing the current scoring of your security along with a proposal/plan for the remediation of critical vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure resistance test against ransomware attack

We provide „Ransomware Resilience“ services as a test of the infrastructure’s resistance to a ransomware attack.

We will find out at what level your technologies are able to detect and stop a ransomware attack.

The test includes a check of your system, an analysis of the current situation, a report containing the current scoring of your security along with a plan and proposal of the most affordable solutions.

Vulnerability Assessment

We will assess your vulnerabilities, thanks to which you will get an overview and details of all the security gaps in your environment.

The goal of a vulnerability assessment is to identify weak points in your network and recommend appropriate mitigation or remediation to reduce or eliminate the risks of an attacker compromising your systems.

Implementation of Automated Security Validation Platform / Continual Attack Simulation

Consultation, technical design, delivery, documentation, training, support and implementation of tools for:

Automatic Security Validation Platforms / Continuous Attack Simulation.

(Automated Security Validation / Continuous Attack Simulation)

In some cases, the solution is recognized as a penetration test during an audit according to the Act on Cyber Security No. 69/2018 Coll.



80% of companies moved IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud twice as fast as before the pandemic. "Gartner, 2021"


50% of organizations report a lack of cybersecurity professionals.


Approximately 70% of white collar workers have been working at the Home Office in the US since the beginning of the pandemic. "Gallup, 2021"

280 days was the average time to identify and contain the successful data breach in 2020. "IBM"


Our Values 

• At PREFIS-cyber, division of PREFIS, we are a team of people with a passion for cybersecurity and innovative technologies.

• PREFIS has more than 20 years of experience providing premium IT & Business Consultancy services, starting with treasury and financial markets, and later migrating to Cyber Security Solutions. Delivered more than 70 complex implementations and more than 250 projects in 40 countries.

• We bring the next generation of cyber security solutions to protect your sensitive data, know-how and reputation.

• We will help you to be prepared against the latest cyber threats.



We follow the world’s most renowned cyber security experts, data scientists and researchers.


We are an ethical company that guarantees products and services of the highest quality. In everything we do, trust is a core component of our DNA.


We will provide you with a transparent process and analysis when choosing the most suitable solution for your company.

Fair and affordable prices

We provide only verified solutions that are both effective and cost efficient.


Our mission is to protect your business against the advanced cyber threats.

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